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2022-04-05 08:01
"Ben Is Back" is constantly filling in the plot gaps, but if those gaps are not filled, the film will be more interesting. Director Peter Hedges generously gave the actors the flexibility to express the inner life of their characters succinctly. Unfortunately, his conception of the plot seems a bit clichéd. In other scenes in the film, Peter Hedges flippantly tries some seemingly interesting concept or plot treatment, but the effect is only to lower and destroy the originality of the film.
What appeals to audiences about "Ben Is Back" is Lucas Hedges' excellent and fitting performance. He eschews excessive emotional outbursts and exaggerated body language, instead turning to the character's inwardness, highlighting the guilt and other chaotic and complex emotions that are buried deep within him. Julia Roberts' performance is also satisfying, interpreting the character with strength of character and moderate uncertainty. Lucas Hedges' performance is a bit of a waste in a film with such a mediocre narrative   .
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Ben Is Back quotes

  • Holly Burns: Why don't you take care of *our* kids and I'll deal with mine.

  • Ben Burns: I love five people and Ponce is two of them.

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