Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King behind the scenes gags

2022-04-16 08:01
Since its birth in 1989, Kentarou Miura 's famous manga "Berserk (also translated: Branded Warrior)" has gone through a long period of 27 years and is still serialized from time to time. With its exquisite and grand worldview and breathtaking brushwork, the work has continued to attract countless followers around the world. Today, the global sales of " Berserk " has exceeded 30 million copies, and the new issue will easily enter the top 20 of the European and American comics list once it comes out.
With this long-lasting craze, the majestic "Berserk" has finally made its way to the big screen. This time, the comic is launched in the form of a large-scale trilogy, and the story also chooses the "Golden Age" that fans admire most. Including this work "Overlord's Egg", the other two "Dordore Raiders" and "Arrival" will all be released in 2012. It is the STUDIO 4℃ studio (representative works " Memories " and " The Animatrix ") that also enjoys high honors around the world, which provides a solid technical guarantee for the Sword Wind trilogy. Through the hands of the studio, the architecture and armor of medieval Europe, as well as the grand scenes of thousands of soldiers and horses fighting each other, have been exquisitely reproduced, exuding a majestic, solemn, elegant and rich atmosphere throughout the film. The curtain of "The Overlord's Egg" slowly opened, and the 2012 Sword Wind Journey officially began
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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King quotes

  • Griffith: Why do men like to shed blood, you asked. You are right in saying that it is one of the facets we, men, possess. However, it is but a tool to obtain what our heart desires and keep it from harm's way. I believe it to be a double-edged blade.

    Charlotte: What your heart desires... a lover? A knight's honor?

    Griffith: Both are important, aren't they? Fighting and dying for love and honor is what a knight desires above all else. But for men there exists something even more important than that. You know of it, I believe.

    Charlotte: More important?

    Griffith: It is a dream formulated and fostered for your own sake. Men are entranced by their dreams regardless of birth, rank or social standing. The dream supports them. It makes them suffer and it breathes new life into them. And it kills them. Even after they've given up on it, it continues to smolder in their hearts. All men have a dream at least once in their lives. They imagine themselves being martyrs to the God their dream has become. Others live on powerlessly, birthed into the world. I could not endure such a life.

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