Bes Vakit movie plot

2022-05-12 20:22
A poor little village relies on this towering mountain range, facing the boundless sea and flanked by a yard of olive trees, the villagers are simple and industrious people, living in struggle against the harsh nature. On the basis of daily subsistence, they make a living from the land and some livestock they raise. Like the animals and trees around them, they understand that their existence is short-lived and therefore live with a sane and submissive attitude. They live according to the rhythm of the earth, air, water, day, night, and seasons. The daily time is divided into five parts by the recitation of prayers. Every day, all people's activities are spent in these five segments. While raising children, adults continue the customs that their parents experienced. They express their love bluntly and see stick education as the best method. And fathers always prefer sons. Mothers shouted at their daughters mercilessly.
Omer, Yakup and Yildiz, three 12- and 13-year-olds, halfway between childhood and adolescence, are the protagonists of the film. Omer, the son of the imam, hoped helplessly that his father would die. When he understands that this wishful thinking will have no results, he starts trying to kill his dad in some childish way. He told his friend Yakup of his sinful thoughts. Children study at a school in the village with only one class. Families expressed their gratitude by giving the young female teacher gifts - namely the bread they made, and the milk of their sheep. Yakup has a crush on his teacher. He didn't even tell his best friend Omer the guilty thought. When one day he saw his dad peeping at his teacher, he dreamed like Yakup hoping to kill his dad. Yildiz was studying while doing the chores his mother asked him to do. She also has to take care of her young brother like a mother. On the other hand, she is still learning the secrets about the relationship between men and women. As time went by, the children lingered in anger and guilt, growing up slowly. Omer gave up the idea of ​​killing his father. Trapped between love and hate, he cried in despair. 
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Extended Reading
  • Ruthe 2022-05-12 21:48:54

    Light solidified in stillness, embracing the afternoon reverie of nature and close to the land, taking prayer time as a cut-off point, capturing fragments of young people gradually touching and feeling real life; The replacement of rebelliousness and growth, the youthful youth who secretly loves, the crying girl on the moonlit night, everyone has such a particularly torturous time on the road.

  • Noelia 2022-05-12 23:35:48

    Growing up~~ We all follow the footsteps of our predecessors, good and bad, all are the trust of children, step on it one by one

Bes Vakit quotes

  • Omer: I pray every night. For him to die.

    Omer's Friend: How's he going to die?

    Omer: Out of sickness.

    Omer's Friend: Has he not gotten better?

    Omer: An accident, then.

    Omer's Friend: Maybe he'd fall from the minaret!

    Omer: A snake could bite him.

    Omer's Friend: Even if it did, it wouldn't kill him.

    Omer: Scorpion! Didn't uncle Halil's grandson die of a scorpion sting?

    Omer's Friend: He was a baby, though.

    Omer: But if there are two or three of them! I'll find them.

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