Beyond the Black Rainbow evaluation action

2022-10-19 23:28
"Fly to Space" parody, experimental filmmaker Kenneth Ingres-esque imagery, horror guru John Carpenter-esque music, strong images from Dario Argento and David Cronenberg , David Lynch-style narrative structure. These seemingly irrelevant elements combine into such a new director's debut. As for whether it is too ambitious and eager for quick success or simply liking it, it is a big mix. This view varies from person to person. At least this movie on the list will give you a completely different feeling, because in some ways, this is a visual movie, because you can easily compose the picture,
The background construction sees the combined regeneration of experimental films, music videos and album covers. If you just like the sensual resonance, the simple atmosphere, and don't care much about the storyline, Beyond the Black Rainbow is for you.
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Beyond the Black Rainbow quotes

  • Mercurio Arboria: [while holding baby Elena and before submerging her into the black goo] Your mother's reabsorption into the cycle of life won't be for nothing, my darling, Elena. You will be the dawning of a new era for the human race... and the human soul. Let the new age of enlightenment begin!

  • Mercurio Arboria: [Before Barry is given acid and submerges himself in the black goo] You are about to embark on a great journey. Are you ready, my friend?

    Barry Nyle: I am ready.

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