Black Lagoon movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
Ryo Okajima was originally a young employee of Japan's No. 1 trading company "Rising Sun Heavy Industries". He was well educated, mild-mannered and knowledgeable. During a mission to transport a company's confidential documents by sea, he was ambushed by the BLACK LAGOON Chamber of Commerce targeting the document. After snatching the CD-ROM containing the files, BLACK LAGOON's female gunman, Levy, kidnapped Okajima Midori, ready to demand a ransom from Rising Sun Heavy Industries.
Rising Sun Heavy Industries decided to obliterate CD-ROM and Okajima in order to cover up their illegal transactions. Club cadre Jing Shan brought in mercenaries to attack BLACK LAGOON's torpedo boat, and hinted that Okajima would die in peace on the phone. After learning of the fact that he was abandoned by the company, Okajima advises Dachi, the leader of BLACK LAGOON, to help them get out of the crisis successfully.   Later, Okajima changed his name to Locke and joined the BLACK LAGOON Chamber of Commerce, serving as a series of clerical jobs such as accountants, actuaries, translators, and geographic consultants. Struggling to survive in the darkness of Napra.
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  • Jennyfer 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    On the other side of the light, there is no justice, no romance, only cold bullets and lingering blood. In a city without God, mercenary is the only belief here, and survival of the fittest is the only law here. Welcome to the world of Black Reef: Roanapur, ようこそ

  • Jennie 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    It's a bit unbearable that two top gunmen standing close to each other shoot hundreds of shots at each other and there is not even a hole in them, not to mention the protagonists who stand in the hail of bullets unscathed and can kill each other with a few shots at will, even if it is Animation, these flaws are still a bit speechless, let alone this type. And what saddens me the most is that this animation has made me feel that people of my age are not suitable for watching animation anymore.

Black Lagoon quotes

  • Balalaika: [Rock hands phone to Dutch] Hi there, Dutch! I hear you went on a wild goose chase, and you got stuck playing games with Mr. Chin

    Dutch: Who told you about that?

    Balalaika: [Chin is strapped to a bomb in his apartment] He told me himself. Let's just say he's a bit too loud to organize any kind of conspiracy. He was blabbing away to just about everyone in town. even the dead would have known what was happening. anyways... we'll make sure nothing like this happens again. It was a real pain for you, wasn't it?

    Dutch: No, I wouldn't say that. It wasn't even enough to give me a headache.

    Balalaika: Thanks Dutch. I realize it's hardly enough after what you went through, but I'll let you hear something amusing: they call this "Pleasure and Pain"

    Dutch: Oh? Is it cooler than JB?

    Balalaika: Of course.

    [Balalaika pushes the button on the detonator]

    Dutch: [Dutch hears the explosion over the phone] Yeah, that sounded cool.

  • Dutch: We've been hired by an antique collector in Spain, and this guy's hobby happens to be collecting Nazi artwork.

    Revy: That's a pretty fucked up hobby.

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