Blind Dating movie plot

2022-06-23 15:45
Danny is a smart, confident, handsome xiǎo huǒ zi , and for the most part being "blind" doesn't frustrate him, in fact he's the most popular guy in their town and can shoot 3-pointers Full of heart. But that's why his brother Larry panicked when he found out that he was not only shy and nervous with girl , but still a virgin . In order to help Danny, Larry began to arrange a series of dates for his brother, but when he learned the truth that Danny was blind, those superficial girls immediately flashed. Danny, who was disappointed again and again, even had the idea of ​​giving up, until Liza, a female nurse from The Republic of India in his ophthalmologist's office, appeared. The two seem to be a perfect match, but Liza has already engaged with another man   .
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Blind Dating quotes

  • Danny: I love your perfume. And your smile.

  • Larry: That's a condom. It's for safe sex. There's nothin' worse than a blind guy with genital warts.

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