Body of Proof movie plot

2022-10-19 21:30
Hospital-themed dramas and movies have a long history. "Emergency Room", "Cosmetic Room", "Doctor House" and "Grey's Anatomy" are all popular dramas in recent years. The selling point of "Testimony of the Dead" is one of the heroines, Dana Delaney, who is familiar to Chinese American TV fans as Catherine in "Desperate Housewives". She played Dr. Megan Hunt, a once top neurosurgeon whose career was ruined by a car accident. After that, she switched careers to become a coroner. Maybe geniuses have some quirks, and Meghan is very difficult to get along with. What is worth looking forward to is that this drama does not take the usual career love route of American Broadcasting Corporation, Inc , but like Columbia Broadcasting System learns to focus on professional charm. You know, one of the most fascinating places in the hospital theme is the endless imagination of those white uniforms. In many occasions and situations, people really need a unified system to restrain them, and uniforms are undoubtedly one of its concrete manifestations.
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