Boys Over Flowers behind the scenes gags

2022-04-12 08:01
  1. During the filming of the scene where Goo Joon-pyo fell into the open-air swimming pool, due to the cold weather, Lee MinHo vomited and had a fever after filming the scene, and was sent to the hospital emergency room for treatment. For the rest of the shooting schedule, he quickly returned to the shooting site to continue shooting. 
  2. When filming the scene of being bullied by F4, the heroine Koo Hye-seon suffered a lot. In addition to being drenched in flour, throwing eggs and changing into more than 10 sets of school uniforms to complete the filming, she also caught a bad cold because of the long underwater shooting. 
  3. During the filming of "꽃보다남자", Lee MinHo lost about 6 kg, Kim Hyun Joong lost about 8 kg, and actress Koo Hye-seon lost about 3 kg. 
  4. Kim Hyun Joong quit the famous Korean variety show "We Got Married" in order to act better. 
  5. 김범 took a funny selfie with Kim Jun during the filming break. Make the person stand far away first, then make the face appear small between the fingers, or look like various versions of the whole person standing on the palm. 
  6. Koo Hye-seon was involved in a traffic accident during filming. He had 3 stitches in his mouth and his face was swollen, so he could not continue filming. The 17 episodes originally scheduled to be broadcast were postponed to air. 
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  • Uriah 2022-04-20 09:02:58

    Happy Kim Hyun Joong.

  • Aaliyah 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Why are Korean and Taiwanese campus dramas so vulgar? What are they?

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