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2022-03-24 08:01
The film is full of youthful energy and enthusiasm. A few girls dress up in fashion and think avant-garde. In the eyes of old-fashioned uncles and aunts, they are hopelessly deviant, but only they know that chasing their dreams and getting rid of the shackles of rules and being themselves are what they really want. Infinite youth and gorgeous hilarity are dizzying in the simple shots.
"Bratz: The Movie" seems to be on the edge of live-action animation, after all, the Bratz doll is the essence of the film. It can be seen from the title of the film that the film has been given a strong commercial advertising atmosphere from birth, which also determines that the film inevitably falls to the commercial side on the scale of business and art   .
The movie "Bratz: The Movie" based on a series of toys has inherent deficiencies and internal and external problems: it lacks the humor, sincerity and liveliness of the same type of movies "Cruel Girl", "The Voice is Higher than the Sky" and "Confessions of a Young Diva", while Full of silly jokes and noise. Even the girls who own these dolls choose rom-coms like "Marriage License" and "No Appointment", and instead of watching the dolls in their hands laugh on the big screen, they can sit at home and play on their own   .
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  • Scot 2022-03-24 08:01:03

    The mentally retarded is so contrived that it is doubtful whether this is a youth school drama that the United States is good at. . speechless

  • Kacey 2022-03-24 08:01:03

    I was kind enough to give it three stars. In fact, it would be nice to give one star to such a vulgar film of pure American idiot youthism, but the four girls are still eye-catching. The 2B villain left a deep impression on me, and the ending is too disgusting!

Bratz quotes

  • Jade: [to Cloe after the girls get detention for the food fight] You started it, clumsy!

    Cloe: I tripped. Excuse me, Princess Perfect.

    Sasha: That is so like you! You've always been the queen of denial.

    Jade: You know what? Neither one of you ever thinks anything through. It's always me having to pick up the pieces.

    Sasha: That's interesting. We haven't talked in two years ever since you dumped us to be queen of the dorks!

    Jade: Me? You haven't spoken to any of us since you went all cheerleader.

    [mocking Sasha]

    Jade: "I'm not a snob, I'm just better than you are, yeah!"

  • Sasha: [to Jade] I didn't stop taIking to you. You stopped taIking to me.

    Jade: Really?

    Cloe: What are you talking about, Sasha? At least we don't buy our friends with our daddy's bank account.

    Sasha: Only because you don't have a dad or a bank account!

    Yasmin: Stop it! All of you, just stop it.

    [to Sasha]

    Yasmin: I can't believe you said that to Cloe.

    Cloe: That's okay.

    Jade: No. It's not. When your parents got divorced, Cloe and her mom were totally there for you. Don't forget that, Sasha.

    Sasha: Cloe. I'm sorry. Can't beIieve I said that.

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