Bride of Chucky evaluation action

2022-10-01 14:38
Ronny Yu made "Bride of Chucky" not only in line with the "Chucky"tradition, but also infused with fresh elements. The action of the killing doll was unprecedentedly quick and sharp, and some black humor appeared from time to time   .
Chucky in the "Ghost Baby" series finally found his doll couple in the fourth episode of "Bride of Chucky". This couple can be called the best partners in the film, they are bloodthirsty and they do evil everywhere, just like a toy version of Bonnie and Clyde. However, deception, betrayal, fighting and killing made their love precarious, and eventually led to a fateful tragic ending. Even if he is trapped in a toy body, the human nature cannot be extinguished. Fortunately, this Chaqi was originally a murderous murderer who would not crush the audience's hope for beautiful love   .
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Bride of Chucky quotes

  • Jade: This is a new low.

    Chief Warren Kincaid: For you too. Get in the car.

  • Jade: Bite me.

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