Bright Star movie plot

2022-01-28 08:21
In 1818, the 23-year-old poet Keats) secretly fell in love with his well -fed neighbor Fanny Braun In fact, Keats didn't have a good impression of Finney at first, thinking she was just an ordinary frivolous woman, and Finney had no interest in Keats's beloved literature, and even more disdain for Keats' poetry. But when Finney learned that Keats had been caring for her sick brother, the kind-hearted she offered to help, which changed Keats' attitude towards her. So when Finney asked Keats to teach her how to read poetry, Keats readily agreed. In this way, poetry has become a bridge of communication between the two, and a spark of love has quietly ignited between the two. Finney became the main source of inspiration for Keats at the time. However, due to the different family backgrounds of the two, when Finney's mother found out that the two were in love, she was furious and tried her best to prevent her from letting her daughter marry a poor boy. Due to the pressure from all parties, Finney and Keats, who love each other deeply, can only express their inner feelings through letters. They made a private marriage contract. But this seemingly good thing was shattered by Keats' sudden illness.
A year later, Keats unfortunately contracted lung disease and traveled to Italy for treatment and was eventually diagnosed with terminal tuberculosis. Keats didn't see Finney again before he died. Finney was devastated when she learned of Keats' passing, and it took a long time for her to recover. Although the two were not officially married, she considered herself Keats' wife. She was a widow for Keats in black for three consecutive years, revisiting the letters Keats wrote to her every day in her room, and wandering alone in the city where the two lived. It wasn't until 1833 that Finney resumed life, but she never took off the ring that Keats had given her when she proposed   .
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  • Aletha 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Love is the brightest star. . .

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    This is not a movie...

Bright Star quotes

  • John Keats: There is a holiness to the heart's affection. Know you nothing of that?

  • Fanny Brawne: [refraining from judging John's poetry] I'm not clever with poetry.

    John Keats: [having sold only one book of poems and to Fanny herself] Well, neither, it seems, am I. Still, I have some hope for myself.

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