Carrie Pilby evaluation action

2022-06-28 18:04
With a beautiful piano score and a script that embraces the cutie-boy-next-door cliché without reservation, "Carrie Pilby" isn't a film that challenges the stereotypes of teen coming-of-age movies. The film tells the story of a girl who learns to reconnect with the world, with a lilting tone that is more sweet than bitter, and seems best suited to a young adult audience. Plus points for the Manhattan background and Bel Powley's solid performance   . A well-meaning but imperfect young-leaning comedy, this often clichéd tale isn't as smart or endearing as it might seem   .
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Carrie Pilby quotes

  • Matt: Wow! Where do you learn how to kiss like that?

    Carrie Pilby: Harvard.

    Matt: Damn! I don't think MIT had that course.

  • Carrie Pilby: Just because you want something doesn't make it right.

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