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2022-04-16 08:01
Although the film confuses the difference between the Paralympic Games and the Special Olympics, the concept of the Special Olympics - "every participant is a champion" - is well understood. It's hard to categorize this movie, it's not a sports movie in the general sense, and it's not a comedy movie in the general sense. Although the so-called "normal" is often used as a joke in the film, it is by no means a mockery of a specific person that appeared in previous Chinese cross talk sketches. To say that it is very inspirational, it is too high, to say that it is a bowl of "chicken soup for the soul", but some scenes in the film are also very "poisonous chicken soup". The good thing about the film is that it first admits that people with intellectual disabilities do have deficiencies in some aspects, but emphasizes that such deficiencies cannot be defined as the so-called "normal" and "abnormal"   .
The film's deceptively titled, in fact, is not about honor, but about the sportsmanship of naive basketball players. Making a sports movie focusing on disabled people into a comedy is a test of the director's skills, but in this movie, every member of the disabled basketball team is portrayed with full personality   .
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  • Carmine 2022-04-20 09:03:00

    Haha, Spanish Shaolin football. Maybe it's because I didn't watch the first half carefully, but I think the latter is really good!

  • Megane 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    In the first "Olympic Charter" formulated by Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics, the amateurism of the Olympic movement was emphasized, and it was stipulated that only the winners should be awarded the honorary award in the Olympic Games, and no money or other material rewards should be given to athletes in any form. . This rule has been cancelled, but why is there an "amateur" in the "fundamentals" of the Olympics? What is its significance? "Amateur" is not only a state of occupation or time, but also an elegant and relaxed life state, a spiritual existence without "karma".

Champions quotes

  • Julio: What an honor that a professional like you is interested in working with a team like ours!

    Marco: Interested isn't the word.

    Julio: Neither is team.

  • Collantes: We play to win, not to humiliate.

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