Chapter One: MADMAX movie plot

2022-04-05 08:01
The town of Hawkins has returned to calm since the monsters appeared last time, but strange things still appear one after another. Sheriff Hopper investigates and investigates, but has no clue. Although Will was rescued from the "reverse world", his whole person has changed. He was possessed by the "shadow monster" from the reverse world, and "fragments" would appear from time to time, traversing into the reverse world.
Mike's sister, Nancy, is still grieving for her dead best friend Barbara, and she vows to do justice to her. With Jonathan's help, they recorded a conversation with the head of Hawkins' lab, ready to hand it over to the media to expose the truth.
There are new residents in the town, Max and her brother Billy. Max, a tomboy with a passion for skateboarding, catches the attention of Dustin and Lucas, but Mike rejects the outsider and refuses to let her join their circle. Mike's stubbornness stemmed from his thoughts on Eleven. A year ago, Eleven disappeared after a duel with a " Unbeknownst to Mike, Eleven wasn't actually dead, she was hidden by Sheriff Hopper.
Eleven has a knot of her own, which is her life experience. She used her radio wave tracing ability to find her biological mother, but the woman didn't recognize her at all. She kept repeating the words "Breathe-Sunflower-Rainbow-450" as if reciting a scripture. Her brain was completely damaged. However, Eleven still got clues from it and found her sister in the laboratory-Experiment No. 8   .
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Chapter One: MADMAX quotes

  • Dustin Henderson: He's gonna spread his nasty-ass rash to your whole family.

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