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2022-01-14 08:01
Since the official launch of "CZ12", Jackie Chan has taken the trouble to emphasize that this is his last "fight to fight" kung fu film. Its effect is nothing more than two points. The sense of urgency is to evoke the nostalgic mentality of movie fans. Jackie Chan Kung Fu has been relegated to the second place in the film, replaced by a variety of high-tech equipment. From the opening scene of the roller jersey racing to the paraglider stealing treasure, the high-tech equipment and Jackie Chan's fighting performances have the style of the Chinese version of 007. () 
The film "CZ12" is the most attractive and commercial movie for the New Year in 2013. Compared with the "good movie", it should be a "good movie". An elderly Jackie Chan once again challenged new extreme moves. The film is full of comedy elements, and has taken many risks during the filming process. It is Jackie Chan's most extreme breakthrough since filming. () 
"CZ12" is not a deliberate movie, leaving aside the leaky script and the suspected story mode of "eating old books", even Jackie Chan's usual gorgeous action and funny scenes will never go back. The story of "CZ12" is similar to the previous Jackie Chan movies. The plot mode is too far away from today, and it is difficult to resonate with the audience ideologically. () 
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