City of Life and Death behind the scenes gags

2022-04-11 08:01
  • When the crew grew to fifty or sixty people, they learned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had rejected the script.
  • Originally, Chuan Lu designed a rape scene for Jiang Shuyun, played by Gao Yuanyuan, but Gao Yuanyuan collapsed during the shooting. She shouted at Chuan Lu how to shoot like this, and finally Chuan Lu failed to convince Gao Yuanyuan.
  • Except for three Japanese actors who came to China for the first time and could not speak a word of Chinese, most of the Japanese actors in the crew were Japanese students studying in China.
  • Nakaizumi Hideo was chosen by Chuan Lu after watching over 200 Japanese actors in turn.
  • The drum for the part of the Japanese sacrifice is a copycat drum made in Henan. If this drum is customized from Japan, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. During the filming, the two Japanese drummers initially felt that the drum head was too soft and the sound was not correct. Finally, the head was tensed after 2 hours of lighting to solve this problem.
  • When filming the scene of the priest, because the Japanese drummer was dissatisfied with the presence of a Chinese extra who was joking while filming such a serious scene, he waved his hand and gave him a punch. Those Chinese extras were all from the martial arts school, and immediately Surrounded by it, fortunately the staff discouraged it in time, otherwise it almost turned into a group fight.
  • There is a scene in which Yitian walked to the street after killing Tang Xiaomei, and suddenly someone shouted that he wanted to go back to Japan. This is not a plot in the script, but the Japanese actor Xiao Hei himself performed it.
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