Cleanskin movie plot

2022-03-29 08:01
The film tells the story of an agent trying to stop a terrorist act by a suicide terrorist. 
The story is divided into two camps that are mortal enemies: one is to avenge the Muslim terrorist organization that killed the Western world in the Middle East, and the other is the British intelligence agency that captures terrorists.
Representatives are two injured people, one is the agent Yowan, whose wife was killed in a terrorist bombing; the other is Assaf Ahmad, a British-born Muslim student whose upbringing tells him that although He is a British citizen, but he is discriminated against. He is a person of two worlds from white people. The real homeland in his heart is Afghanistan and the Middle East.
At the beginning of the film, Assaf grabbed the bomb that Yoon was protecting, and then carried out a suicide attack, so Yoon followed the order of the female boss and began to clear the terrorist group where Assaf was.
 The story develops along two lines, one is Assaf's horrific killing journey, and the other is Yoon's journey to kill terrorists. In the end, Assaf was killed by Yoon just before he was about to complete his mission. It all seems to be over, however, when Yoon walks out of the hotel, the second bomb goes off, and the strange thing is that the two bombers don't look like Muslims, they look like British agents.
Yoon comes to his senses, combined with the previous inexplicable assassination of his partner, and he understands that he can't stop the explosion because someone made it have to happen. The truth is revealed when he finds selfie tapes left behind by Pakistanis who had been burned to death.
This Pakistani was an undercover agent inserted by the British intelligence service into a terrorist organization. He found evidence that Nabil Allawi pastor was a terrorist leader and was preparing to commit suicide attacks, so he notified the intelligence agency to arrest him. However, the explosion still happened the next day. , and Nabil was safe and sound, and he was hunted down by British agents including Yoon, and finally died at Yoon's hands.
 When Yoon found the photos of his colleagues doing deals with Nabil pastor , he could imagine the shock in his heart. It turned out that he was just like a Pakistani, but a tool in the hands of the authorities and a pawn played by the ruling party to win the election. , and finally, he submitted evidence from the media and used a blade to make his female boss commit suicide because she could not stand the pressure of public opinion.
Assaf is even more tragic than Eun. This great young man who should have been a lawyer and married a beautiful girl turned into a terrifying fighter under the brainwashing of Nabil pastor. When terrorists kill innocent people indiscriminately, they will express anger, but his tragedy is that those who brainwash him just treat him as a cannon fodder, a tool that can help them extract benefits.
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  • Aliza 2022-03-29 08:01:02

    Uncle Sean still has a certain charm, but it is a pity that the irony of ZZ is not enough, and this kind of slow-paced suspense film is really unwatchable.

  • Ansley 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    Despair...politics are not made by humans

Cleanskin quotes

  • Ewan: [on a suspect who's on fire] Let him burn.

  • Ash: The American forefathers fought the British, beat them hands down, and now what are they? They're the biggest superpower on this planet. Why? Because violence is the supreme authority all authorities derive their power and legitimacy from. Law is completely irrelevant in the face of true force. That applies to any country.

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