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2022-03-17 08:01
In Tehran , journalist Farazmand went to report on the arrest of young José Sabzian for fraud. It turned out that the unemployed painter Sabzian was a movie fan. He claimed to be the famous director Muhsin Makmalbaf, and obtained the trust of the wealthy Ahan Kahe family and borrowed money from them to make the film. After the incident, Sabzion was arrested. Director Abbas Kiarostami launched a documentary-like follow-up on the case, interviewing the police, the Ahankah family, and Sabzian himself.
During the interrogation, Sabzian regretted defrauding the Ahankahe family, but said he did so because of his love for art, and if he had money, he would really make his own film. And, posing as director Marc Malbaf gave him confidence. In the end, the plaintiff Ahan Kah's family dropped the lawsuit, and Sabzian also met the real Mark Malbaf, who took the young man on a motorcycle to revisit Ahan Kah.
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Extended Reading
  • Pete 2022-03-23 09:03:30

    It's a drama. Tired of playing himself as a poor man, fell into the dream of a movie. But in the process of watching it, you will keep discovering, how can it be so real, how can it be so real, the director ran out, and Makmalbaf ran out, ah, it turns out that everyone is real. They literally recreated the whole case, and even the movie dream described by "Makmalbaf" came true (for himself or the family). The movie is like a dream, and I don't know if it's a real dream.

  • Lola 2022-03-23 09:03:30

    There are two clips of flowers in the movie: the first time the reporter's driver accidentally picked up the flowers from the roadside while waiting for arrest, and the second time the director and the protagonist bought them to thank the plaintiff. The two casual brushstrokes happened to be portraits of people at the bottom like the male protagonist, who were passionate about art but could not overcome poverty and class. The flowers that were abandoned on the roadside were always collected and appreciated by those who cared. Isn’t it a reconciliation with a poor life? ;There are all kinds of injustices and drawbacks in the society. If it wasn't for this "pretend to be a director" deception, there might never be a chance to get in touch with the elegant people in the high walls. The examination of his own heart, he saw himself in the movie, the audience spied on himself from the movie, maybe each of us is an empty can and bottle abandoned on the roadside, rolled into a corner that no one knows about, and was kicked away by society Whip stepping, wanting to touch something that was not originally his own identity, but unexpectedly went to jail. Ordinary people can't escape these two fates: they are as useless as abandoned empty cans, or they are picked up again by smelling fragrance like wild flowers scattered on the roadside.

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