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2022-10-23 23:14
If Citizen Kane's fictional biography depicts the fortunes of the tycoons in Capitalist society , and Wells tells the lives of these wealthy men from a more human perspective, then Mr Arkadin is a fairy tale In the form of a story about the disgrace of the capitalists before they made their fortunes. Arkatin just doesn't want his daughter to know about his ugly past, all kinds of faces, all kinds of purposes, for money, claiming that he doesn't reveal secrets, all kinds of traps, all kinds of traps, Arkatin didn't Amnesia, his wish is the amnesia of other people, he believes in the power of money, but his conspiracy is miscalculated in the Christmas family reunion. The exaggerated scene here also shows the director's intentions. In a materialistic society, is the power of money really omnipotent? This move by Arkadin is a paradox. He tried to use money to buy out other people's family to save his own family, but he couldn't do it in this world. In Mr Arkadin, Orson Wells always used Close-ups and bottom-up shots titanicize the image of Arcadin, while the set of Arcadin's lavish life feels like a tyrannical king, a king who doesn't know how to express his love, a The king who finally lost control immediately because of his daughter's "I know".
Although "Mr Arkadin" is one of Orson Welles ' best films, he never won the final editing rights, surviving versions include Peter Podanovic's accidental discovery of the Collins version, European "secret files" version, the American version and the latest Munich Film Archive version, and Standard Company, in order to solve the mystery of film history, presented the three main versions to the audience in a three-disc format, with a wonderful commentary soundtrack and a large number of tidbits and " Mr Arkadin ". "English version of the novel, well-deserved one of the best DVDs of the year.
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  • Baroness Nagel: Oh, digging into the past. It's really too disgusting.

  • Guy Van Stratten: Oh, you don't want to talk. That's what Oscar said.

    Jakob Zouk: O-O-Oscar, he's a drug addict. He'll never be well.

    Guy Van Stratten: I almost made him well. I got him out in the water. Took away his needle.

    [Cut to new scene inside a sail boat]

    Oscar: I don't need to play my music for a pleasure cruise. Pleasure?


    Oscar: I don't know how long we've been out on this boat? For how many days I've been without?

    Guy Van Stratten: Without your heroin!

    Oscar: You didn't throw it away did you?

    Guy Van Stratten: You'll get your junk when you start to talk.

    Oscar: I won't talk. I won't tell you anything.

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