Conversations with Other Women movie plot

2022-06-23 16:01
The passionate collision of a man and a woman at a wedding banquet and the various magical encounters that follow. On the surface, they met a pair of strangers they didn't know before, struck up a conversation with each other, flirted with each other, and then opened a room. But as the conversation deepened, the story came to light at this point. The two had known each other before and had a deep love-hate entanglement. Even this encounter a few years later was an intentional arrangement. The 18th Tokyo International Film Festival competition film.
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Conversations with Other Women quotes

  • Man: [on relationships] In my opinion, when it gets too serious, it's over.

  • Woman: I'm sorry. Come here. It was just something... it was just different. I didn't expect it. You used to be so thin. I mean you were insubstantial, really.

    Man: God, the complements keep coming.

    Woman: Yeah, but now... Now, you know what? Look at it this way. There's a grandness to you.Like, you know, the rings in a tree trunk asserting the passage of the time: Like "I have earned the right to fill up more space in the one universe."

    Man: That's bullshit.

    Woman: I tried.

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