Daydream Nation movie plot

2022-10-05 18:08
Carolineis a 17-year-old rebellious girl. Following her father, Caroline moved from a busy city to a beautiful town. However, what Caroline did not expect was that she was here. In the seemingly peaceful town, many dirty secrets are hidden. It turned out that the ordinary life made the young people in the small town eager to find excitement, so they chose the quickest method, that is, taking drugs.
By chance, Caroline met a man named Thurstonplayed. Caroline’s youthful vitality immediately attracted Thurston. However, for Thurston’s passionate pursuit, Caroline It seems indifferent. The successive murders caused the entire town to panic. At the same time, Caroline was also involved in a teacher-student relationship. Caroline gradually discovered that there was a gap between the two. There seems to be inextricably linked. 
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Daydream Nation quotes

  • Caroline Wexler: What did you say to him?

    Barry Anderson: Caroline... you and I are meant to be together.

    Caroline Wexler: Oh my God, you are fucking crazy!

  • Paul: That's the problem - you see god once and suddenly you have divine permission to act like an asshole.

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