Death Race: Inferno evaluation action

2022-02-04 08:18
"Death Race" was a huge success, following the usual American film pattern, with a second and third installment, albeit only on DVD. As a remake of the old movie "Death Race", the two sequels launched in succession seem a bit different. It is obviously a make-up plot. Although the background of 1 has been explained as self-evidently as possible, but unfortunately the director's skills are not enough, how do these two prequels look like "TV movies", and their shooting methods are the same as ordinary American dramas. However, the director still followed the routine of 1 in the second part steadily (or copied it), and in the third part, it seemed a bit nonsense. (   )
Photography, editing, etc. can no longer complain, the plot of this one is much worse than the previous one. If the male protagonist didn't follow Jason Statham's mold, maybe the evaluation of these two prequels would be higher. However, Luke Gauss is also a real hard-core star in Hollywood, and he handles action scenes more solidly than Jason Statham. (   )
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  • Fatima 2022-02-04 08:18:17

    The director is mentally retarded and the audience is an idiot

  • Gussie 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    The scene is chaotic, the editing is arbitrary, and even the action scenes are very petty. The director ruined the whole film, which is too far from the realm of Death for Speed ​​1. The only interesting thing is the final plot reversal, but there are still a lot of bugs, I can't accept it

Death Race: Inferno quotes

  • Carl Lucas: I win one more race, I'm free.

  • Weyland: [to Carl Lucas] This all starts and end with you.

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