Disclosure movie plot

2021-12-24 08:01
Tom Sanders is a department manager of a computer company. Recently, the company is going to merge with Conry White, and Tom speculates that after the negotiation, he is likely to be promoted to deputy general manager of the department. At this time, Arthur Kahn, who was inspecting a new hardware production line in Malaysia, informed Tom that there was a problem with a crucial integrated circuit block. Tom learned from the consultant Philip Brockburn of the digital communications company that he had no hope of promotion, so he went to see the company’s president Bob Gavin, but found that Gavin had a relationship with his old lover May 10 years ago. Lydis Johnson is together, and the new deputy general manager is Meredith. On this day, the newly appointed Meredith asked Tom to report to her office later. Tom went to see Meredith as scheduled, Meredith poured him a glass of expensive wine, then asked him to massage herself, and made a sexual request to him. Thinking of his family, Tom refused, but Meredith was reluctant and forced a crazy kiss on him. At this time, thanks to Gavin's call, she stopped her. Tom went to call his colleague Luen, but all he heard was a message. At this time, Meredith tried to rekindle the old feelings and Tom refused to give in, and refused firmly in her mouth. In the end, he managed to escape and returned home in humiliation. Tom's wife Susan told him that Meredith called and informed him that the eight o'clock in the morning the next morning would be changed to eight thirty. The next day, Tom arrived at the meeting according to the notified time, only to find that the meeting had started as early as 7:30, and Meredith reprimanded him unceremoniously for this.
Tom explained the difficulties he had with Meredith to his superiors, but found that Meredith had already accused him of sexually harassing her. At this time, Tom received an anonymous message signed "a friend". Tom hired an excellent lawyer, Catherine Alvarez, to accuse Meredith of sexually harassing him. In a secret arbitration hearing, Catherine's cross-examination revealed the truth, and it was Meredith who planned the seduction in advance. Tom suddenly realized that instead of calling Luen that day, he called a colleague named Levin by mistake. When the harassing conversation recorded by Levin's answering machine was played, Tom was acquitted. Later, Tom learned by accident that Meredith wanted him to be a scapegoat for the IC chip issue. In order to avoid being persecuted again, he tried to find files that would relieve him of responsibility, but Meredith washed them out. Tom had to manage to get the exact file from a colleague in Malaysia. At the final critical moment, Tom finally revealed the truth that Meridis had cut costs and caused problems with integrated circuits. The two companies merged, and Tom’s female colleague Kaplan was appointed as deputy general manager. At this time, Tom was shocked to discover that this female colleague was the so-called "friend" who had sent him an anonymous message, and Tom was just a pawn in this power struggle.  .
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Disclosure quotes

  • Philip Blackburn: I offered him a move to Austin.

    Bob Garvin: To Austin. That's like a duck making a lateral move to "a Lorange. "

  • Don Cherry: Well, who is she?

    Mark Lewyn: Let me guess: she's attractive.

    Mary Anne Hunter: What does that have to do with anything?

    Mark Lewyn: Great rack, nipples like pencil erasers?

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