Dominion movie plot

2022-04-01 08:01
Alan Dale plays General Rysen, leading Human to a staged victory in the Extermination War. He now rules Vega (formerly Las Vegas ), one of the four remaining Human cities after the war. Vega is completely militarized management , and the social hierarchy is strict, and Rysen must do his best to maintain social stability and deal with political matters. At the same time, he has to make sure his daughter, Claire, stays out of trouble. Tom Wisdom plays Michael ( Michael , played by Paul Bettany in the film), the most prominent warrior of the Archangel , who helps the Humans defeat the Angels during the War of Extinction.
He now lives in the city of Vega and uses his supernatural abilities to protect the city's inhabitants from enemies. Anthony Stewart Head plays David Weel, the president elected by the Vega House, who runs Vega alongside General Rysen. He was thirsty for power, and he was at odds with General Rysen from time to time. He will do whatever it takes to ensure Vega's stability and cement his dominance. Roxanne McKee plays Claire Rysen, the daughter of General Rysen, the equivalent of a princess in Vega. She lives at the top of the Vega Upper Class , but she is strong-willed and more daring than the average rich girl. Luke Allen-Gale plays William Weel, David Weel's son, who is not interested in politics and just wants to help ordinary people. He is now the head of the Church of the Redeemer. Shivani Ghai plays Helena diplomat Arika (unconventional role). Helena is a mysterious matriarchal society that is very warlike. They are entrenched in the original Salt Lake City, maintaining a fragile peace with Vega. 
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  • Maybelle 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    See episode three. Resolutely give up! I'm so sad that such a great subject has been made into a soap opera

  • Wiley 2022-04-02 09:01:18

    With such a powerful setting, this kind of story is made up to write the script. Hello, writer, goodbye. . . In addition, the average appearance of the male supporting cast > the male protagonist. . . Silently light a wax for the male lead. . .

Dominion quotes

  • General Edward Riesen: [opening video to "An Introduction to Vega: The Citizen's Handbook"] Civis Romanus sum. "I am a citizen of Rome." There was a time when that phrase would grant you passage through lands where no man dared travel, for it was known that the power of the world's greatest empire was manifest in the rights of all of its citizens no matter on what ground they stood. Good day, citizen. I am General Edward Riesen, founder of Vega. Sadly, the world in which we live holds dangers no Roman could have imagined. The great angel army may have been defeated, but Eight-Balls still infest the desert beyond the walls. Yet we possess weapons the angels do not possess: society, customs, roles which give us meaning, which tie us to the greater good. You are one of the lucky few. You have survived the war. You have reached the sanctuary of Vega's walls, but with citizenship comes obligation. You are now part of a diverse community where each person has a function, a responsibility. Join us as we rebuild. Help make Vega a beacon to the other cities of the Cradle. Together we will make the Earth a kingdom for humankind once again. Civis Vega sum; I am a citizen of Vega, and now so are you.

  • Claire Riesen: [closing video to "An Introduction to Vega: The Citizen's Handbook"] Well, congratulations! This is a special day. With the oath you've taken, you are now a full citizen of Vega, and I'd like to officially welcome you to our city. Your hard work and contributions have and will continue to pay off. Remember, though, that with citizenship comes responsibility. The future of Vega depends upon the lasting contributions of citizens such as yourself. Your sacrifice and effort will ensure that Vega's promise of safety is passed on to generations yet to come. I hope this handbook has answered any and all of your questions, but I also hope that your civic education won't end with your citizenship. Visit Vega's Great Hall. Read the histories collected there, and stand proud, for now you can say "Civis Vega sum" because you are a citizen of Vega. May the Savior bless you; may he bless all of us.

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