Dot the I movie plot

2022-07-11 19:43
A beautiful Spanish girl is about to marry her boyfriend Barnaby in London, but that's when she meets Kit, a Brazilian actress, and a love triangle begins.
The beautiful young but grumpy Spanish girl Carmen meets the handsome wealthy Barnaby, and within 6 months they announce their marriage. During the farewell ceremony for the teenage girl, she is told that according to tradition she must kiss a strange man, She chose Kit. The kiss made her fall in love with him, and a love triangle started, but it was far from simple: Carmen felt that she was always being followed; she chose Barna as her husband, but instead of loving him, she should How to do? Her husband knew she was unfaithful to him and decided to shoot himself, but he didn't die, and why.
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Dot the I quotes

  • Kit Winter: How many jobs have you been fired from?

    Carmen Collazo: Exactly? 35... in 6 months.

    Kit Winter: Whoa!

    Carmen Collazo: I have a temper.

    Kit Winter: Yeah, I noticed.

  • [last lines]

    Kit Winter: It's easy. It's like breathing. It's like a heartbeat.

    Reporter 1: Have you been following the Tom and Theo trial?

    Reporter 2: Where's Barnaby?

    Reporter 3: Carmen, who made your dress?

    Bouncer: Get that camera out of here!

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