Dreamer movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
The film once again focuses on the deep feelings between horses and people, telling the story of a father who is willing to sacrifice everything to save an injured racehorse for his beloved daughter, and bring it back to the glory of the evening.
Ben Crane (Curt Russell) used to be a great jockey, but as the years passed, he lost the passion and courage of his youth and is now just an ordinary horse trainer , to pass the time by working for others. At this time, he met a very talented racing horse Sonya, but unfortunately, just when the future just flashed, it unfortunately suffered a fatal leg injury in an accident, maybe this life will be insulated from the track.
Sonya's owner hands the disabled racehorse to Ben Klein as a severance pay, and the two losers are united when Ben's daughter, Kael Dakota Fanning) In the day and night with Sonya, I have a deep relationship with the racehorse, and I firmly believe that it will recover and return to the track.
Kael's unshakable belief not only made the horses recover quickly, but also gradually healed the father-daughter relationship in the freezing period. These moved the father who had lost his confidence, and the two weaklings finally united and launched the seemingly impossible classic cup champion. charge.
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Dreamer quotes

  • Cale Crane: I like him.

    Ben Crane: Her... I like her too.

  • Ben Crane: She was a good horse, Cale. I'm gonna miss her, too.

    Cale Crane: Oh, please don't treat me like a little kid. You should try to get some of your money back. I get it. It's business.

    Ben Crane: That's right. It is. But I wasn't trying to sell Sonya, okay?

    Cale Crane: You lied to me. You said I'd always have Soñador. You stood right there and said it. But you raced her and she got claimed.

    Ben Crane: Well, welcome to the world of horse racing, Cale! Where everything doesn't end up the way you want it to.

    Cale Crane: She wasn't for sale!

    Ben Crane: Every race horse, everywhere in the world, right now, is for sale! Get that!

    Cale Crane: She wasn't just some race horse. She was *our* horse.

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