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2022-04-11 08:01
Waters's performance is meticulous and immersive, making the audience full of disgust for the role, which is precisely the symbol of her successful performance, which can bring the audience directly into the play.
Compared to the film Harold and Maude starring Julie Walters Harold and Maude, Gregory's Girl and Educating Rita (1983), perhaps the movie "Driving Lesson" is to a certain extent. Some step backwards. But it's fresh enough to prompt us to watch this simple yet sure-to-impress audience. The characters in the story are all very real. The beginning of the film is just a period of their life. There is no doubt that the complete life will continue to be interpreted in the world.
In the last scene of the film "Driving Lesson", although the plot is unavoidable, you will continue to watch it, because you still care about the intricate relationship between the characters in the play and look forward to their fate. Get a change.
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  • Raul 2022-04-11 08:01:01

    It's a pity that this movie will be ignored by many people. Fortunately, I watched it. It's really a good movie. It seems simple, but it does contain multiple layers of complex relationships. There are both good and bad influences on each other.

  • Nico 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    Although the plot is old-fashioned, I still love it! !

Driving Lessons quotes

  • Evie Walton: [stuck on the rock-climbing display] Ben... Can you- ca- can y-... Can you put your shoulder under my arse?

  • Ben: I think it's best I stop working for you.

    Evie Walton: Oh, why? So you can take up being pompous professionally?

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