Dylan Dog: Dead of Night movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
The whole story revolves around a private commission named Dylan Doug ( Brandon Routh ) . 
The story begins when an import-export businessman is killed in his home, and his daughter, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor ( Anita Briem ), asks Dylan to find the real murderer for her father. Dylan initially refused Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor's request because he discovered that the killer of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor's father was a werewolf, one of the undead. As a judge between the undead and humans, Dylan once killed his lover because of his identity, he killed the owner of the vampire bar and was forced to retire. This painful experience made him I don't want to get involved in the undead incident again. But things often don't go according to people's wishes. Dylan's followers and friends were killed by the same murderer. Dylan returned to his old business in anger and began to solve the case.
At first Dylan thought it was the two forces of the undead: the vampire family led by Vargas (Taya Diggs) and the werewolf army led by Gable (Kurt Angel) because of the territorial forces. caused this killing.
But as the investigation deepened, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor told Dylan that a crux -like object had disappeared from his father's collection. Dylan learned from a friend that it turned out to be the secret of the undead - the devil's heart. And the heart of the devil can wake up the most powerful god of death, Belie, but there must be an undead body as the price to wake Belie, and Belie will also fulfill all his wishes for those who wake him up. When Dylan followed the clues to find the werewolf leader Gable, he found that he had been mutilated. Gable, who was dying, told Dylan to find an undead named Scalave. Dylan followed this clue and found Wa Gus, and forced out Scalawe, it turned out that Scalawey was a sleeping vampire, and Dylan also found the devil's heart where he slept.
Vargas then captures Dylan, gets the Demon Heart, and captures Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. However, things are often unexpected. It turns out that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor is a human hunter who hunts the undead. She defeated Vargos and used Vargos' body to wake up Peret, but instead of destroying the undead as she wanted, Peret pointed the finger at Dylan.
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    Appearance party, so one more star.

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    The male pig's feet are too bland and have no impact

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night quotes

  • Vargas: The human race is obsolete, y'all.

  • Dylan Dog: See? That's just what this case needed. A seven-foot tall, flesh-eating zombie. Which begs the question, are there any actual people left in New Orleans?

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