Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier evaluation action

2022-05-09 21:57
Almost all of the film's story took place in the juvenile control office, which obviously left the shadow of contradictions concentrated in the form of drama. This method is conducive to the performance of dramatic conflict effects, but it is inevitable that the audience's field of vision is restricted to a limited space and cannot be extended. The director used a lot of plain images to reproduce the life scenes of the juvenile office: the joy of singing while working, the youthful vigor of the teenagers on the football field, and the depressive atmosphere that cannot be concealed by loud music in the dining room. The shaking lens and the cold color of the picture made the audience feel the same. In addition, the simple and rude hierarchical relationship between the administrator and the problem juvenile, the division of rights within the juvenile group, and the friendship and mutual encouragement between the juveniles are also shown in the film. The selection of a large number of non-professional actors makes the film feel a little real and rough   .
"Eu când vreau să fluier, fluier" has most of the advantages of a first-class small-produced film. It has a simple but touching plot, an ordinary but three-dimensional character, and a calm but romantic ending. Constrained by cost, the production of the film is inevitably slightly rough. Although a large number of follow-up shots give the audience a good perspective to examine the environment of the protagonist, the frequent shaking sometimes makes people feel dizzy, and there should be no With auxiliary photography tools such as Steadicam, no soundtrack was used in the whole film, and the scene was basically limited to a simple juvenile detention center, but these rough characteristics also gave the actors and characters more room to play to a certain extent. , The audience’s attention will be more focused on the characters. The film is full of a lot of long shots. There is often a one- or two-minute shot without a single line, and even the character in the shot does not have any major movements. However, because the protagonist Sylvie’s image is relatively three-dimensional and full, the film is slow in pace. It's not dull   .
The film’s treatment of the subject of the impact of the young boys in the labor camp and the impact of their families and society on these children going astray is too simplistic   .
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