Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
On the battleship, Shinji, who had been trapped in the first aircraft for 14 years, finally woke up and reunited with Misato, Ritsuko, Asuka, and Toji's sister. From the crowd, Shinji learned that he had been sleeping for 14 years, but he found that Asuka had not changed at all. Asuka told him that the driver of the EVA was cursed by the EVA and would never change. In addition, Shinji learned that he was the only one who was rescued in the first plane, and that Ayanami Rei, who he tried to rescue from the apostles, was not in the cockpit of the first plane. Shinji, who could not accept this fact, learned that he No more need to pilot an EVA and be forced to wear a bomb collar, which Miri would detonate whenever he wanted to leave the battleship or board the EVA. After hearing all this, Shinji continued to be depressed.
At the same time, the battleship was attacked by EVA MARK09, and Shinji, who felt Rei from MARK09, jumped into MARK09's hands resolutely and left the battleship. MARK09 was knocked off by the No. 8 machine.
Shinji, who returned to the NERV headquarters, was shocked when he saw the desolate scene. On the passage, he met Nagisa Kaoru who was playing the piano, and then met Ikarigendo in the No. 13 machine manufacturing room. Ikarigendo let Shinji in the 13th After the completion of the No. 1 machine, he and Nagisa Kaoru operated the No. 13 machine and left. Later, from the conversation between Ikari Gendo and Fuyuki, I learned that Rei was actually rescued, but stayed in the first machine like Ikari only.
Shinji and Nagisa Kaoru played the piano together every day, and their relationship became closer, and Shinji gradually recovered. But I have been puzzled that Misato and the others are not allowed to board the EVA again if they want to betray. Nagisa Kaoru takes Shinji to see the surface that is now a dead place and tells him that it was all caused by Shinji himself 14 years ago. Although Shinji was only thinking about saving Rei at the time, his actions directly triggered a third shock . And Rei is a clone of his mother.
After knowing the truth, Shinji was once again slumped, thinking that nothing good would happen to driving the EVA. No. 13 also refused to act after the completion. Nagisa Kaoru enlightened him and took off the bomb worn on Shinji's neck and put it on his own neck, telling Shinji that the bomb was originally intended to kill Nagisa Kaoru. As long as the two of them use Unit 13 to pull out the Longinus and Cassius, they can save the world. Shinji finally decided to board the 13th plane. Unit 13 and Mark.09 driven by Rei Ayanami reached the deepest part of the central vertical ditch, where Kaoru saw Lilith and EVA Mark.06 being penetrated by spears, but here, he was changed to No. 2 by Asuka. Kaoru refuses to fight at this time due to the attack of the 8th unit of the machine and truth. Kaoru tried to stop the gun from being drawn (both are Longinus guns, not one Longinus and Cassius, there seem to be three Longinus guns in the new theater, and there are many plots after the first machine awakens They should all be included in the fourth part of the flashback. In addition, there is a broken cast and crew. After that, Nagisa Kaoru pierced the first machine with a katana to stop Sanchong and said that this time it will only make you happy alone. After almost destroying the world again, it can be determined that Shinji and Nagisa Kaoru must have been fooled by Ikari Gendo), but they were rejected by Shinji, and Kaoru's control of EVA was cut off (it seems that Shinji was forcibly driving, when approaching the gun The puppet system was activated, because Shinji said how to control it) and pulled out two guns. After that, the corpse of the second apostle Lilith disintegrated, and the twelfth apostle hidden in Mark.06 began to move again. Mark.09 chopped off Mark.06's head, and a black ribbon-shaped apostle appeared around the 13th machine. At this time, the 13th machine woke up, and the 12th apostle, whose body was covered with the core, quickly shrank and was swallowed. The battle resumes, this time the No. 2 aircraft will fight the No. 9 aircraft, and the No. 8 aircraft will fight the No. 13 aircraft. Since the entire No. 9 unit is nuclear, Asuka had no choice but to choose to shoot the control cabin and detonate the No. 2 unit, and Rei in the No. 9 unit also fled. On the other hand, the bomb on Kaoru's neck was detonated due to the start of the fourth shock, but the shock continued, and Mary forcibly shot Shinji's control cabin to stop the shock.
On land, Asuka found Shinji's control cabin, and Shinji in the cabin entered an autistic state again, so Asuka had to drag Shinji away. Li also appeared at this time, so the three of them walked into the distance together   .
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