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2022-10-17 12:34
The director of "Fanboys", Kyle Newman, is a big fan of "Star Wars" himself. Talking about the two sci-fi classics Star Wars and Star Trek, Kyle said: "When I was a kid, I was very interested in all space movies. Watching Star Trek It feels like reading a science fiction novel, the story of the movie is based on a certain scientific basis, it will make you feel that the plot in the movie may be what will happen to the earth in the future. And "Star Wars" is more like a The mythical fantasy stories about space feel a little more mysterious. Although both films are about stories that take place in space, they are actually different, but I like both."
George Lucas is the director of the six-part "Star Wars" and is regarded as the "Father of Star Wars", but Kyle Newman did not deliberately invite Lucas to make a cameo in his "Fanboys". "I think if Lucas were to act, maybe he wouldn't feel comfortable. Although he didn't appear in the movie, his voice was still in the movie. We put Lucas in Robochick: Star Wars. The dubbing in "Special" is copied over. There is a scene in the movie where the male protagonist calls Lucas, and the voice on the other end of the dialogue with the actor does come from Lucas's mouth. It can be said that Lucas participates in another way into the movie."
"Fanboys" was strongly supported by George Lucas, whose Lucasfilm not only lent various props from "Star Wars", but also licensed them to shoot in "Skywalker Ranch". It's something that has never happened before. The post-production, sound and visual effects of Fanboys were all aided by Lucasfilm. "They helped with everything they could, as long as it was the props we needed, everything was available. At Comic-Con, they also put our movie trailers on display in their company window, treating us like them. It's a cool feeling to be a part of."
Despite the great help of Lucasfilm, in fact, "Fanboys" also encountered a lot of difficulties in the production process. It is rumored that there was a serious relationship between Kyle Newman and the distribution company Weinstein Films. differences. Originally, Kyle and his production team developed the plot based on the clue of "cancer", but Weinstein Films cut this clue, which made Kyle very angry and retracted in a rage The film's release date had to be pushed back from April 2008 to February 2009.
"I just can't stand the movie companies cutting out the cancer thread so that the protagonists' journey to Skywalker Ranch is motivating and their road trip is like a bunch of idiots It's a crazy move of meaning, which is completely contrary to our original assumption. The Fanboys are not some mindless blind fans, this is a story about friendship, they are close friends like brothers, their motives for what they do It's to make my friend's wish come true before he dies. I hope this is a movie with real feelings, of course I don't mean to make the audience cry, I just want to show the real side of Fanboys, and the audience can also I learned something from it. In order not to let the movie get out of our original intention, we must fight with the film company to the end." Under the protest, the film company could only step back. Later, Kyle reconvened the actors, screenwriters and other staff to shoot, Restore the movie to its original appearance. After all these struggles, "Fanboys" was finally released on February 6, 2009 after three years.
In the cast, Kristen Anne Bell and Dan Fogler were both cast by director Kyle early on, but he didn't know who of the three Sam Huntington , Jay Baruchel , and Chris Marquette would be to play Eric and Reiner. But he still couldn't make up his mind. "The three of them auditioned together, and they all left a deep impression on me. It's really hard to choose among the three of them, so I just put them all in the movie."
"Fanboys" also has many guest actors, some of whom have starred in "Star Wars", such as Billy Dee Williams , Carrie Reynolds Fisher and Ray Park , etc., and even played Kirk in "Star Trek" Captain William Alan Shatner , also featured in the cameo. Hollywood comedian Seth Aaron Rogen , who has risen in popularity in recent years , also made a cameo appearance in the film, as he appeared as a loyal fan of "Star Trek".
In fact, Seth Aaron Rogen is a big fan of "Star Wars", but he also likes "Star Trek". He feels that there are too many people supporting "Star Wars" in the movie, so he has to stand in support of "Star Wars". On the "Star Trek" side, he said someone has to represent the "Star Trek" fans.
Kristen Anne Bell , who quickly became popular with " Veronica Mars " , plays the actress Zoe in this film. Friends who have watched the popular American drama "Hero" will definitely recognize Kristen, she is the "discharge girl" in it. In fact, "Fanboys" should be said to be Kristin's first film, but because "Fanboys" went through hardships, it was released later than another film " Forgetting Sarah Marshall " starred in by Kristin. "Fanboys took out their collections, props, costumes, etc., after learning that they were going to shoot a movie related to them, and provided them for free for us to shoot. Some Star Wars fans even drove things to deliver. Going to ABQ in New Mexico , where we were filming , was really 100 percent supportive of the crew." 
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