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2022-04-12 08:01
, who is already a wife and mother, takes care of the children while taking care of the housework. In addition, she also works in a coffee shop in the alley as a baker of cakes. Giovanna dreamed that she could become a pastry gourmet when she was a girl. Unfortunately, life after marriage was not what she imagined. The heavy and busy work made her farther and farther from her ideal.
Her husband Filippois not what she thought before marriage. After marriage, she found that he was indecisive, cold and boring during sex, let alone bringing her satisfaction. Depressed, Giovanna one day peeps in the kitchen and peeks at the neighbor boy Laurencewho lives in the opposite window. He is young, handsome and full of mystery. Giovanna made the boy the object of her sexual fantasies, spying on him through the window in the kitchen every day for supposed sexual satisfaction, which added a lot of excitement to her peaceful life.
Until one day, a kind husband took in an old man with Alzheimer's, Simone. Inextricable indulgence. What she didn't expect was that her husband was also inextricably linked with this man. 
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  • Hillard 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    Red is no longer red after you go, the sky is no longer blue, the trees are no longer green; after you go, I have to look for color in my memories; in your world, trees are no longer forbidden to be trees, or the sky is forbidden It's blue; I don't know if it's a good world but in this world, in this world called the human world, in the world you aspire to, how can it be called a good world without you, without you

  • Amani 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    Family love dream, the simpler the story, the more moving the story: The Jewish pastry master is well-known in Europe, he saved everyone during World War II but failed to get the same-sex lover Simon, and regrets it for the rest of his life. "Don't just be content with living, you must Living better is more meaningful, not just fantasy" "Does every person who leaves you have a part of their soul that detaches from them and follows you? Is this the secret of memory?" 2012.1 .9

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