Feud: Bette and Joan creative background

2022-02-04 08:17
Since 2009, producer-director Murphy has had discussions with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Langeabout making the Davis and Crawford story into a movie, but because I hope I can dig deeper and explore more, so I haven't made it   .
Before running "The Enemy", Murphy realized that the company was not doing enough for women, so he established a "Half the Sky Foundation" in the company. Make sure that half of the company's management is female, and half of the cast and crew must also be female. During the execution, he asked a lot of women how to better represent women, and their answers touched Murphy. Since then, he has been running "The Enemy", and he thought of having a script "Best Actress" in his hand, It tells the story of Davis and Crawford filming "What Ever Happened to BabyJane?" But "Best Actress" focuses only on Davis and Crawford's controversial inconsistencies in "What Ever Happened to BabyJane?" and is very limited. Murphy sees an opportunity to expand the narrative, using Davis and Crawford's battle to examine issues of ageism and sexism, while also exploring the phenomenon of women who see success as their own and compete unfairly to crush their rivals. When he realized he could use "Best Actress" to realize his desire to film Davis and Crawford, Murphy proposed to the team and Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange and others to make the story into an eight-hour film. The series goes deep into women-related issues, sexism, ageism, and misogyny, and digs out the cultural mentality behind the "female star discord"   . This proposal has received positive responses from all parties   .
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  • Godfrey 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    The person who understands you the most is your opponent, but he is unwilling, but his heart is higher than the sky; after the brilliance, the loneliness and beauty are sad, and the two seconds of lifelong struggle and finally winning the tribute Zhong, which evolved from a story to a legend, is not only a battle between two women, but also a bloody history of their lifelong struggle with unspoken hidden pain, preferring to sacrifice their dignity for pride.

  • Mckenzie 2022-02-04 08:17:03

    Sarandon is absolutely amazing, that gait is much more tiring than a wheelchair; I didn't expect the story that I was not optimistic about to get better, and the contradictions escalated around the conflict, which in turn made the characters more hierarchical, thematically. Didn't want to dig too deep, after all Ryan had the horizontal ceiling there, but the focus made the expression smooth

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