Fifty Dead Men Walking movie plot

2022-10-22 19:39
In the 1980s, during the most turbulent period in Ireland , a young man Martin McGartland ( Jim Sturgess ), who had just turned 22, was ordered by the British police to go undercover inside the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and serve as a spy to provide intelligence to stop the IRA. terrorist activities and the disintegration of the rebel forces. He carefully concealed his identity and accepted various tortures, and finally was able to enter the organization. After a long period of undercover, Martin's identity was exposed. In order to escape the killing order issued by the organization, he began a series of arduous escapes.   .
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Fifty Dead Men Walking quotes

  • Fergus: The price of a conscience is death. None of us can afford it.

  • Mickey: You're reliable, and that counts for everything in life... You know who you remind me of?

    Martin: I don't remind you of anybody because I'm not like anybody else... My ma always said I'm like one in a million... A million. That's what my ma always told me I was.

    Mickey: Aye, you're full of shit.

    Martin: Who do I remind you of?

    Mickey: Wee Aggie.

    Martin: Who's Aggie?

    Mickey: I wouldn't trust him with my wife, but I trust him with my life.

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