Five Minutes of Heaven movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
Aristal (Liam Neeson Liam Neeson) is recounting what he went through in Northern Ireland , from joining a gang at 13 to becoming a gang at 14., his upbringing was accompanied by horrific vendettas in the region, so he also experienced particular hardships. When he was young, due to the compulsion of life, he and a group of buddies prepared to robbery. After several failures, he gradually lost his timidity and shame and became an out-and-out thug. And one night, he shot and killed his son in an apartment, and his younger brother Joe (James Nesbitt James Nesbitt) escaped by playing football. But afterward, the distressed mother was in the car, hysterically accusing Joe of not helping to stop the atrocity. Years later, both the criminal and the victim in this case received an invitation from the TV station to record a live program somewhere. The two parties, who were unaware, slowly recollected the unbearable past in the introduction of the TV station.
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  • Bria 2022-03-27 08:01:01

    Liam's films, no matter what.

  • Kadin 2022-03-27 08:01:01

    Stern and restrained, even the final fight seems extremely depressing, the application of the camera focuses on the sense of documentary, and the two protagonists' dramas also rise in an extremely tense atmosphere

Five Minutes of Heaven quotes

  • Joe Griffin: 2008: So! The man shot my brother three times in the head. The man is having the life of Riley. What should I do? Do I shake his hand or do I kill him?

    Vika - 2008: Well, killing him wouldn't be good for him.

    Joe Griffin: 2008: For sure of that!

    Vika - 2008: But it wouldn't be good for you either.

    Joe Griffin: 2008: Oh, not good for me? My five minutes of heaven? How would that be not good for me?

  • Alistair Little: [to interviewer] Guilty if I laugh. Guilty if I drink. Guilty if I forget. How to get through a day. What to do in it. I wake up, I go out. But where to go? He's always there. In my head. And I don't know where to go. Where to put yourself after it all. It's the same for everyone. Some of us have found an answer. He's killed a few Catholics in his time. and now he's killing his own. Some protection thing to control the estate. Released after the Good Friday Agreement, he's on top of the world again, still living it, just like he always was, with his mates watching his back, breathing in the scent of his victories.

    Alistair Little: If I had gone with him then, just said yes to him then... That's all I had to do, just tell him I was in. I know that isn't my answer, but what *is* my answer, you know? I sit in meeting rooms all over the world and I help men to live with what they've done to a wife, a child, a stranger, a neighbor - how to live with that act of violence. That's, you know, always there inside us. But I can't help myself. Sometimes I feel that this preacher is just the man I've become so that I can cheat my way through my life.

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