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2022-03-31 08:01
In the face of disaster, there is both the glory of human nature and the filth and ugliness. The indifference that regards human life as a must, the looting of selfishness, and the behavior of harming others and benefiting oneself, are touched in the film a lot. Of course, what the choreographer focuses on is the emotional warmth of the little people in the disaster. The heroine is a single mother, she did everything she could to save her daughter, which reflects the greatness of motherly love; the hero is a firefighter, he can escape the isolation area completely, because he fell in love with the heroine, he took the initiative to accompany the mother and daughter to himself. Disregarding her life, she took the risk of rescuing the little girl she loved from the mass grave where the sick corpses lay. It shows the power of love; even the little gangsters become reckless when they see their brother die from illness, which makes us feel the brotherhood of Yiboyuntian. Do not abandon, do not give up, the sense of justice, the beauty of human nature are the film's efforts to praise.  
The film is handled quite maturely. The Flu has caused panic in the hearts of the people and chaos in the society. The director has appropriately created a hard battle between humans and the deadly cold virus, and the terrifying plot has been completed in one go. In addition, Jang Hyuk's interaction with child star Park Min-ha in the film is very exciting. The heroine Su Ae is not a big beauty, but the film exudes a mother's taste. And Park Minxia is too cute and too good at acting, almost stealing the "mother" style.  
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Flu quotes

  • Byung-ki: It will get colder, if you don't want to die, stay close. I know you need the money, you're all doing this for your family. Hey! You're sick?

    Sick Man 1: No, no, not me, not me!

    Sick Man 2: I'm okay!

    Byung-ki: Have a nice trip.

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