From Within movie plot

2022-07-15 15:37
Lindsay is an ordinary girl from Grove Town. This town has a strong Christian atmosphere and people devoutly believe in God.
Suddenly one day, Shane shot himself. Subsequently, his girlfriend Natalie and her father Bernard both committed suicide. Deland Frankfor , the pastor's son, believes the Aidan family has something to do with people's deaths. Because Aidan's mother is considered a witch, but Aidan's mother is dead. So, Deland Frankfor believes that if you don't want more people to die, you need to get rid of Aidan. At the same time, many people in the town committed suicide. When Lindsay finds herself in it too, she chooses Aidan to help her. At the most critical moment, Aidan told the truth. It turned out that Aidan and Shane cursed the whole town to death. Shane started the curse by committing suicide. When Lindsay asked Aidan for help, Aidan found that after a few days of contact, he had fallen in love with Lindsay. He could only end the curse by committing suicide. However, the curse did not end there. People in the town are still dying one after another, even Lindsay.
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From Within quotes

  • Lindsay: Why'd you and your brother come back?

    Aidan: This is the house we grew up in. It's our home.

    [Lindsay starts look at pictures]

    Aidan: That's her.

    Lindsay: She's beautiful.

    Aidan: You remind me of her.

    Lindsay: Really?

    Aidan: I don't mean looks. It's how you carry yourself. How you treat people.

    Lindsay: Is that you and your brother?

    Aidan: [Aiden points to himself in a picture] That's me.

  • Sadie: [Sadie is being dragged out by two men] Your worthless God can kiss my ass.

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