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2022-03-07 08:01
The horror production of The Kingdom of Spain in 2013 has become more and more brilliant, and the "REC" series has been thoroughly Hollywoodized. In this trend, filmmakers around the world have also begun to pay attention to The Kingdom of Spain. Small and large horror productions, especially in Asia where this dark culture is enduring. For example, Hong Kong and Taiwan filmmakers used to target such small-cost thrillers to Thailand, and now they are beginning to introduce more films produced by The Kingdom of Spain. Movies, such as Ghost Graduation, released last week, are a typical example.
This film is distributed by Jiashang Pictures in Taiwan. This dark horse small-budget production that created a box-office miracle in The Kingdom of Spain in early 2012 tells the story of a hapless professor in a school helping five dead The story of the successful graduation of the students of the film is portrayed in the tone of black comedy images. The Taiwanese translation of this film is simple and clear: "Graduate After Death". The film opened in 14 theaters across Taiwan last week, and earned 360,000 box office in its first week. After all, for a movie that was released after nine months, it still seems that time has changed. 
Every year in every country, a super good comedy movie will pop up! Following the Japanese "テルマエ·ロマエ" because of the comic-style cultural gap, KUSO's hilarious plot is rumored to be selling wildly in Asian countries, and another The Kingdom of Spain's super-selling comedy "Ghost Graduation" is also about to be introduced to Asia! "Ghost Graduation" has become the best-selling comedy movie in The Kingdom of Spain in recent years by relying on the hilarious plots and shocking word of mouth of ghost teachers and students!
Due to the comedy theme of haunted campuses, it has been a long time since we hadn't seen them for a long time, coupled with the creative humorous plots of ghost teachers and students, and the comparison between modern reggae hip-hop and classic nostalgic hits of the 1980s, a series of ghost teachers and students with a difference of 20 years. Laughing over the audience, and even selling The Kingdom of Spain, like The Kingdom of Spain version of "The Kingdom of Spain"" of the fiery degree. The film tells the story of François Modesto, a teacher with yin and yang eyes who arrives to teach at a new school, and his latest mission turns out to be helping a group of students graduate after 20 years of death. In the movie, the ability to see how "godding" turned from a curse to a weapon, and the 20-year war between the new teacher and the old student, turned into a hilarious campus rampage.
A few days ago, the movie was previewed for the first time, which caused heated discussions among netizens, including female students who dared to play disc fairy , virgin complex truth or adventure; male ghosts spoofing female college students, playing with girls and girls kissing on the upper body; the most hilarious thing is that the teacher was molested by ghost students Play big Ruba, staged the Aruba self-healing version, vacated stunt performances, netizens pointed out that the culture of Aruba is known all over the world, and there is no language restriction! The filmmakers even tested the film for the graduating student audience in advance. The audience burst into laughter and resonated with enthusiasm. They exclaimed, "It's so hilarious, I can't bear to graduate!" Come to The Kingdom of Spain's top-grossing comedy movie. More Willard Christopher Smith Jr and Fox Pictures have purchased the rights to the film and will remake the Hollywood version in 2013.
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  • Hans 2022-03-17 09:01:10

    A small and fresh campus movie in Spain, fresh and clean, no procrastination, do not recognize this low score

  • Clifford 2022-03-17 09:01:10

    Not enough comedy, not enough surprise, the story is too small and fresh.

Ghost Graduation quotes

  • [Modesto visits the psychiatrist's office looking for help with his dead students]

    Psiquiatra muerto: I can help you.

    Modesto: Should I take advice from a suicidal therapist?

    Psiquiatra muerto: I need to talk to someone. I'm sick of listening to wackos. Not you, of course. Tell me what's their problem.

    Modesto: The same as yours.

    Psiquiatra muerto: They're sick of my son?

  • Pinfloy: This is Heaven? What a dump. Where's Michael jackson?

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