Girl in the Basement movie plot

2022-10-13 19:01
Based on true events, Sarah, a dynamic teenage girl, looks forward to her 18th birthday so she can leave her controlling father Don (Judd Nelson). But before she blows out the candles, Don locks her up in the basement of their house, and her world gets very dark. When Don tries to convince his wife, Erin (Jolly Fisher), Sarah, to run away from home, he secretly visits her in the basement, tortures and rapes her, while Erin and her sister Amy (Emily Top) continues to live upstairs. Over time, Sarah gave birth to several children and was alone in the basement. Don ended up raising their youngest son, leaving him on the doorstep, Erin found him and a note from Sarah that it was her son and she couldn't take care of him, Erin Finally accepted what Don said about Sarah. After decades of captivity, Sarah finally escapes, and her family learns the devastating truth that has been at their feet for 20 years. 
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