Goodbye Bafana evaluation action

2022-04-11 08:01
"Goodbye Bafana" is calm. From the perspective of Mandela's personal prison guard, through a lot of details, the two antagonists with completely different identities and positions have changed from the previous confrontation to the later stage of the male protagonist's position. The sympathy with his own prisoner shows Mandela's charisma and indomitable spirit, making the latter appear more extraordinary, and at the same time making the whole story delicate and nuanced. And Dennis Haysbert, who played Mandela in the film, played the president of the United States in "24 Hours". This film makes people feel a little out of the way. The first half is a bit "tight", and the role looks a little unattainable and high above. , while the second half is closer to life   .
Although this kind of side description is not common in biographical works, it is typical. Gregory would have no story to tell if he hadn't met Mandela. Because of this, the film depicts Gregory in detail through the perspective of a non-mainline character: from the wavering of the position to the transformation, can the other party's personality charm and influence on the protagonist be reflected from the side. The film uses an "unconventional" narrative to complete the shaping of Mandela. The theme of the film is "freedom". The main line of Gregory is not separated from the theme in the film. The two are inseparable . Mandela did not write much in the film, and Gregory's life trivia accounted for a large part. This is not an intentional avoidance of Mandela, but the use of "fuzzy narrative" to deliberately describe Mandela. The role of Della was diluted, and after he came into contact with Gregory, the huge influence on the latter itself emphasized Mandela's charisma.
But the biggest disadvantage of this narrative method is that the movie is a bit bland, and the narrative is a bit run down. More than 20 years of prison life are condensed into 100 minutes, which is a test of the director's skills. Fortunately, this film has achieved "moisturizing and silent" in the long and dull strokes. From the details and dialogues, it directly penetrates the depths of human nature, and completes the embodiment of Mandela's personality charm. It also highlights the two. The friendship born from the protagonist's long-term cultivation is indestructible. Mandela's departure from prison was a moment for Gregory to say goodbye to his best friend, which is the connotation of the film's title "Goodbye Bafana   .
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Goodbye Bafana quotes

  • Nelson Mandela: I have not touched my wife in twenty-one years.

  • James Gregory: These ideas you'd kill for?

    Nelson Mandela: These ideas I'd die for.

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