Grabbers movie plot

2022-10-19 21:24
A small coastal town suddenly discovers the invasion of alien creatures, the residents are attacked, many people are victimized, and fear gradually invades people's hearts. At this time, candidates for fighting monsters appeared: a police officer with an alcohol problem, a rookie policewoman, and a marine scientist. Who among the three can stand up to protect the town? 
O'Shea is a handsome and handsome Irish policeman. His daily job is to patrol the bars in the area. Every day he deals with local alcoholics or eccentric people who come out of nowhere. Until one day, he discovered a disgusting alien creature that looked like a giant octopus was about to attack his town. After actual combat, it was found that the blood of an alcoholic was a panacea for aliens, so the policeman O'Shea came up with the idea. A great trick: get the whole town drunk. 
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Grabbers quotes

  • Garda Lisa Nolan: Smith said it needs water, right?

    Garda Ciarán O'Shea: Pfff... says a lot of things.

    Paddy Barrett: Mostly bollocks.

    Garda Lisa Nolan: Whatever. But if it needs water to survive, how could it be movin' about on dry land?

    Paddy Barrett: It was rainin'. When it's rainin', there's no such thing as dry land.

  • Dr. Adam Smith: Youuuu... really are Irish!

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