Great Expectations evaluation action

2022-03-29 08:01
The love, friendship, and conspiracy shown in "Great Expectations" are interlocking, plus the gorgeous costumes and the appearance of the town, all of which are very classically British   .The film not only inherits Di Gengxin's issues of the temptation of money, the gap between classes, the beauty of love and the kindest nature of human beings, but also ingeniously uses dark Gothic tones to show the whole story. Stylized lighting and photography based on the lower and upper classes of England in the 19th century tells the story of a young man's loss and return   .
The film belongs to the remake of the assembly line, which is mediocre and may not be as good as the British drama "Great Expectations" produced by the BBC last year   .
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Great Expectations quotes

  • Joe Gargery: London, what a place... Course I wouldn't keep a pig in it myself.

  • Magwitch: [sneaking up behind] Hold your noise! Hold your noise you little devil, or I'll cut your throat! Tell us your name, quick.

    Young Pip: I'm Pip.

    Magwitch: Once more, give it mouth!

    Young Pip: Pip.

    Magwitch: Ssh.

    [pushing the boy down]

    Young Pip: Pip, Sir. Don't sir, please!

    Magwitch: [turning him upside down] You've got wills on you, boy? You've got wills on ya!

    Young Pip: No, sir.

    Magwitch: [puts him back on his feet] Come here. What fat cheeks you've got. Darn me if I couldn't eat 'em. Where's your mother?

    Young Pip: There, sir.

    [pointing at the grave]

    Young Pip: Also my father, sir. My father and brothers, too.

    Magwitch: Orphan, ey? Who do you live with? That's supposing I let you live.

    Young Pip: My - my sister, sir. My sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, wife of Joe Gargery, the blacksmith, sir.

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