Grind movie plot

2022-10-18 18:59
The film tells the story of Eric, who is in his high school graduating class. When his classmates are going down the old road leading to college, Eric, who loves skateboarding, chooses another direction. He and his pals Dustin and Matt were eager to get the attention of the pro skate world and get into the professional ranks.
When skateboard star Jamie Wilson came to the city where they lived, a few people negotiated and felt that if Wilson noticed his skateboarding skills, they would definitely join his professional team. Too bad their plans were blocked by Wilson's tour manager. Still, they got some advice: stick with it, stay true to yourself, and if you're good enough, someone will notice.
The three of them formed their own skateboard team and followed their dreams -- and Jamie's national tour, from Chicago all the way to Santa Moca, California.
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Grind quotes

  • Sweet Lou: Wham, bam, steal the van.

  • Sweet Lou: Sweet Lou cleans no man's poop.

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