Hachi-ko movie plot

2022-02-25 08:02
In 1923, a heavy snow fell in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, Japan, and the Kondo family's purebred Akita dog gave birth to Maase, the chief of the prefecture's civil engineering department. The latter gave one of the dogs to Tokyo Imperial University professor Ueno Hidejirodomestication. Ueno's only daughter, Chizuruko, rejoiced, but the Ueno couple looked embarrassed.
Chizurukofalls in love and is pregnant with her boyfriend's child. Boyfriend made a special trip to visit. Ueno talked to him. The latter was frightened and frankly confessed that he was responsible for his daughter. It was not too late to hold the wedding. Ueno heard this and turned his anger into joy. After Chizuruko got married, Ueno put all his efforts and love into the puppy and named it Hachi. Every day when he commutes to work, Hachi must wait at Shibuya Station. The four seasons of the year, rain or shine, amaze passers-by and become a local landscape   . Until one day, Professor Ueno suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and collapsed while teaching. After the professor's death, Hachi was adopted by Hashimoto, but escaped several times and wandered in the wild. In the end, Hachi, who still went to the station every afternoon to wait for the professor's return, ended his life in the heavy snow   .
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Extended Reading
  • Juliana 2022-03-20 09:02:55

    The American version mainly shows the loyalty of dogs, while the original Japanese version mainly shows the kindness of people. The former is provocative in joy, and the latter is moved in warmth.

  • Danielle 2022-03-20 09:02:55

    The American version highlights the creation of a sad atmosphere, while the Japanese version is more realistic. In addition to Hachiko and the protagonist, the Japanese version depicts more of the relationship between Hachiko and some other people. Compared with Hachiko, who is loved by everyone in the American version, Hachiko in the Japanese version is the one who is too loyal and gets pushed and shoved like a ball by other people, so it is more real and touching.

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