Halloween II evaluation action

2022-09-30 18:03
Jamie Lee Curtis 's " Halloween " starring 20 years ago opened the door to low-cost horror films, and the new sequel "H2O Ghost Catch Festival" starring again was also very popular. This film is the first sequel she co-starred with Donald Price. The original director John. Carpenters served as screenwriter and was directed by newcomer Vic Rosenthal. The plot continues in the first episode, describing the survivor Loli being treated in the hospital and gradually recovering from the shock, while the psychopathic killer Michael Myers escapes the police and hunts down Loli everywhere in the town. The film did not succeed in the first episode in the tense atmosphere of the management, and it added a lot of bloody and violent scenes, but it is still considered to be the more successful work of the same kind of film, and it has a certain attraction to horror film fans.
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Halloween II quotes

  • Budd: [singing] Amazing Grace, come sit on my face / Don't make cry / I need your pie...

    Jimmy: Look why don't you just shut up, all right?

  • Jimmy: God, they should have handled him more carefully.

    Laurie Strode: Who?

    Jimmy: Michael Myers.

    Laurie Strode: Michael Myers?

    Jimmy: Yeah, he's the guy who was after you tonight.

    Laurie Strode: You mean from the Myers House? That little kid who killed his sister? But he's in a hospital somewhere!

    Jimmy: He escaped last night.

    Laurie Strode: How do you know?

    Jimmy: It's all over the radio. Television too, it's on right now.

    Laurie Strode: [gasps] Why me? I mean, why *me*?

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