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2022-04-08 08:01
The director of the film, Paul J. Bolger, graduated from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland , majoring in communication design. Since 1987, Bolger has been involved in the international animation film industry, thus becoming a first-class Animators and director from Ireland. He has travelled across the US, Commonwealth of Australia and across Europe working on animated films, TV series and video games, and has taught at Ballyfermot and DLCAD Animation Schools in Dublin , Ireland.
In 2001, Bolger served as a concept art consultant for a script that would later become the prototype of "Happily Never After." In 2002, Bolger began working with producer John H. Williams, and later joined Deane Taylor and Sinbad Legend , who had worked on Christmas Eve. Dino Athanassiou of Of The Seven Seas began a 4-year creative process with the four of them as the creative core.
"What we're trying to do is to bring the well-known and well-known classic fairy tale to the audience in a different way, and give it a subversive ending," John H. Williams said. Williams, who worked as a producer on Shrek and Shrek 2 , is familiar with the production of this iconoclastic animation.
The reason why Grimm's fairy tales are still enduring is not only due to imaginative imagination, but also the accumulation of rich materials. In today's live-action films, you will find that many images are similar to the characters in Grimm's fairy tales. The brilliant and clever brushstrokes of the Brothers Grimm gave immortal life to fairy tale characters.
Like the ending adapted by Robert Mooreland, the screenwriter of the film, the Brothers Grimm often changed the ending of their own works, because in the stories they collected, there were often different versions of the same story, so in their writing careers, they also is constantly changing. Moreover, as far as Cinderella, the prototype of the film's story is concerned, the connotation given by the Brothers Grimm is darker than the currently well-known interpretation. Moreland is adhering to the style of Grimm's fairy tales, combining unexpected and traditional elements.
After the script was completed, the director and the producer began to look for dubbing actors. The cast of this film is full of new and old stars. For them, participating in the dubbing of animated films has undoubtedly become a relaxation to deal with the usual film appointments. Pretend, like doing a radio show.
Sigourney Weaver was the first to voice an animated feature film, and what impressed her most was being alone in the studio without having to dub with other actors. And for a long time, Sigourney Weaver has been invited to play many "evil queen" roles, but she has been rejected by her, only Frida in this film is deeply attracted to her.
Initially, the main creators had hoped to make the film into 2D animation, with only 97 characters and 44 scenes, but later developed into 3D computer animation for commercial reasons . After the dubbing and recording was completed, Bolger led his team to start the design and production of animation, not only focusing on shaping the shape, but also modifying the movements, postures and expressions of the characters according to the habits of real people . Drawing on the image of Audrey Hepburn , the image style is more in line with the animation style of the 30s and 40s in the United States.
In addition to the Berliner Film Company, which is responsible for the main production and coordination, there are also 1 Commonwealth of Australia and 5 Canadian animation studios involved in the production of the film. The headquarters in Berlin has to work 22 hours per working day. To guide and summarize the progress of the work across three continents, from the birth of the first model to the final completion, the entire production process lasted 15 months.
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  • Owen 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    It's quite creative, the picture is a bit far from those big production MSs, and it's relatively blunt. The story is still good~

  • Asa 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    The Russian version of the dubbing is interesting

Happily N'Ever After quotes

  • Frieda: Forty flights of stairs in heels? This had better be good...

  • Rick: Can I get you guys a refill on the mead?

    Wolf #1: [gestures to a chair] What's your rush, kid? Sit down!

    Wolf #2: Take a load off! Pour yourself a glass.

    Rick: [sits] All right! Don't mind if I do. You know, that's the first time anybody asked me to sit down...

    [puts feet up, accidentally kicks fork, drink flies across room and melts witch]

    Wolf #1: So, what's your name, kid?

    Rick: Rick.

    Wolf #2: So, are you a good guy, or a bad guy, or what kind?

    Rick: Neither! I work in the kitchen.

    Wolf #1: Let me give you some advice. Around here, you're either a good guy, or a bad guy. And between you and me, I don't see much future in being good. *Capiche*?

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