Hausu movie plot

2022-05-13 14:37
A female middle school student nicknamed Xiao Shang, Mu Ku (played by Ji Shang Ji) has a happy summer vacation. When she finds out that her father (played by Sasawa Shoho), who has been single for 8 years, has a new girlfriend (played by わにぶちはるこ), she refuses Traveling to Karuizawa with his father, he and 6 classmates made an appointment to go to the manor of Aunt Xiangli (played by みなみだ) for a vacation. When she was young, her aunt fell in love with a handsome young man (Miura Tomokazu), but the war in the Pacific cost her lover's life. Since then, Aunt Xiangli has been alone, waiting for her lover's return all her life. The visit of Xiao Shang and the others made the lonely aunt very happy. These young and lively girls were playing in the mountains. However, the aunt and the manor seem to be hiding some kind of terrifying creature, and the maidens disappear one by one.   
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Hausu quotes

  • Suîto: You're so cool, Kung Fu.

    Kunfû: I'm sorry, Sweet.

  • Merodî: My fingers are gone.

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