He Was a Quiet Man movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
But on this day, Bob became a hero in the eyes of everyone because he accidentally saved Venusha, and life began to change.
Bob then discovered that life was, in fact, one lie after another, filling his tense nerves. He tried to have a little happy time, but in the end Bob didn't come out of the shadow of autism. He is a man of few words, an amiable person, Venusha once lit the lamp of loneliness in his heart, but with one accident after another, the lamp was completely extinguished. At first, Bob wanted to save everything for Vanessa, but later he found out that he was just a chaperone temporarily used by Vanessa. Maybe this was Bob's very extreme idea, but real life did not bring anything. hope.
When he came to the company angrily, it seemed that everything went back to that day, the bullet stepped on his feet, and the people around him screamed in horror. In Bob's eyes, Venasha's smile was shining. Remember Bob's monologue at the end of the credits? I just want you to notice my presence.
It turned out to be a dream, no heroes, no fame and fortune, and never existed in your world.
To be precise, the whole story begins when the supervisor is looking for the male protagonist for information and no one is there. After that, it is the director's filming of the male protagonist's fantasy about life. The whole thing is not all Bob's fantasy. The end of the film is The real Bob committed suicide. The whole film uses a relatively special shooting method. The director's shooting of Bob's fantasy is worthy of people's deep thinking about life. However, in the end, Bob's suicide deeply reflects the real phenomenon of society. In some cases, it is necessary to sacrifice those suffering. Sick and weak sheep to save the whole flock. This phrase appears twice in the film. This is the inner monologue of those who are "quiet".
The dull technique of the film narrates the neglected lives one after another in the corner of the world. Of course, these lives once fantasized about being valued by others and had normal contact with others, but in a closed environment with enormous pressure, People's selfishness is completely greater than their concern for others. The so-called concern is also a wander between fame, fortune and beauty. It is thought-provoking that these quiet lives are not sins, and Bob finally chose to commit suicide, proving that they were ignored and completely our sins. 
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  • Deon 2022-03-30 09:01:11

    The movie and the protagonist have the embarrassment and confusion of the little people, the depression and struggle of human nature, everyone who can open up their hearts, seems to be the existence of light, the comfort that others seem insignificant, but it is the life-saving straw in the cracks of the ordinary depressive life of the little people. .

  • Letha 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    The story of a man who is extremely lonely in his heart. The cruelty in reality makes him only live in fantasy, and he is still making up his own life story at the moment of death. The world deduced from the heart is very different from the world that is actually displayed. In fact, there are many quiet people around us.

He Was a Quiet Man quotes

  • Venessa Parks: I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I think I've figured out a way for you to do this without getting blood on your hands. The last thing I want is for you to get into any trouble over this - legally or spiritually. And I'm not taking any bullshit pills either. I'm going out the same way I came in. Dramatically.

  • Paula Metzler: Bob, you should have told me you liked your women submissive. I would have accommodated.

    Bob Maconel: Your day will come.

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