Hellsing movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
Vampires unknown to the world still exist in the world, and in the UK, there is a secret organization to deal with vampires, the Knights of the Royal State Church.
A priest came to a village called CHEDERS, but the villagers disappeared a month later. Police and local villagers searched the pastor, but all died in the process of arresting the pastor. The London Police Department dispatched an elite unit D-II, but half of the team was killed during the mission. The situation is not optimistic now.
So the police requested to dispatch the HELLSING organization, and the leader of HELLSING, integuraru faruburuke wingutsu herrushingu, only sent Alucard .
In the village, D-II troops were attacked, and Seras was alone. Facing her teammates who turned into zombies, Seras could only run away desperately, but she encountered villagers who turned into zombies on the way, and was rescued by Alucard in hesitation. But Seras soon realized that Alucard was not human, and ran away again in panic. Seras, who ran to the church in a panic, was soon captured by the "priest" who was waiting for his prey. Alucard appeared at the door when she was about to give up her life in desperation. Unwilling to win over Alucard, the "priest" ordered the zombies to attack Alucard and took Seras hostage. After Alucard got Selas' affirmative answer, the bullet passed through Selas's chest and shot into the "priest" body. Is it such a helpless death, or continue to live despite the lingering breath-the dying Selas quietly closed her eyes and accepted Alucard's "kiss". 
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Hellsing quotes

  • Alucard: It is only when you refuse to give in with all your heart that you begin to transcend your humanity.

  • Alexander Anderson: And now O kings, be ye wise. Be admonished, ye judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son lest He grow angry, and ye perish in the way for His wrath may quickly kindle.

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