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2022-02-10 08:01
"Holes" is the fourth adaptation of the award-winning novel of the same name published by Disney Pictures on April 11, 2003. The original work won the gold medal of the 1999 Newberry Prize for Children's Literature. It is a very brilliant and interesting work of children's literature. The protagonist of the story is a teenager who is suspected of stealing things-Stanley Yelnats IV (Stanley Yelnats IV). As if fate, the Yenaci family has been unlucky for generations. Therefore, it is not surprising that Stanley was convicted of stealing because of the unfair trial. Fortunately or unfortunately, he has another opportunity to choose a place to serve his sentence. He can be transferred to Green Lake Camp in Texas for an American-style "labor reform" in exchange for escaping from prison. 
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  • Lloyd 2022-03-24 09:01:55

    The story of four generations of grandparents and grandchildren turned into a phoenix in a redemption similar to Shawshank. The children's perspective and the legend of the western thief all wrapped the film in a cold fairy tale tone.

  • Kennith 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    ᐈ The entire family has been cursed for generations and has been unlucky. The male protagonist was smashed by shoes that fell from the sky, was accused of stealing shoes, and was caught in the desert to dig a hole (this was a small town lake) ᐈ The men in the original town wanted to Possessing a beautiful female teacher, but one by one she was terminated, so the female teacher was directly blackened and became the most powerful robber. Xiaoshuai's ancestral relative was the ᐈ male protagonist who was robbed by him and was dug into a heart shape? , so bullying ᐈ The male lead and Xiao Hei are real brothers, so warm

Holes quotes

  • Mr. Sir: [his face has a huge scar] I think I look kinda purty, don't you?

  • [repeated line]

    The Warden Walker: Excuse me?

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